Fruit Case

You’ll never guess what NetEnt has cooked up this time around. The developer of some truly unique slots, they are known for coming up with wild and wacky themes such as Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest-but fruit? Well, that’s not exactly new in gaming ( Recall Quantum Link slot machines ). However here we find them pushing all their creativity into making jams! It may seem like an unusual theme at first glance but there have been many studies showing how important making healthy choices can be so let us take advantage by playing Jam Slot Machine Now.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The board is full of juicy fruit symbols, set against an industrial backdrop. The idea here as always it finds matching combinations that add up your balance depends on what you’ve won and how much time remains before the next spin. A variety of jam-making processes await those who match their prizes with skillful fingers poised over buttons ready for action!

The symbols in this game are full of friendly-looking lemons, oranges and pears as well delicious jams! There are also a few extra features that you’ll encounter from time to time. responsible for triggering some sweet bonuses available inside the app.

The game is set out across a standard five-reel structure, with the reels standing three positions high. Across these 20 different pay lines, you will find some combinations that win from left to right depending on how much money has been bet by your chosen footballer or team ( £0 -15). The higher this stake value goes up; so does what players can expect after landing successful bets: 40X+!

The return to player percentage for this slot is outstanding, at 96%. With the main jackpot ranging up to 2000x, there’s more than enough action on offer here!

Feature Symbols

When it comes to playing slots, certain features can’t be overlooked. One of these is the game logo symbol in Fruit Case by Microgaming – a wild card replacement for any missing symbols and capable of triggering multipliers which up your chances at winning several times over!

The scatter symbol in this game is a food blender. It triggers something called “free fall,” which has both free spins and multipliers along with falling reels for an amazing distractions-filled experience! There are three of these on 1, 2 and 3 to trigger one bonus round.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The Free Fall bonus game is a chance to get some free spins, and it starts as soon as you trigger the feature. 10 different coloured fruits will drop down from above into vacant reels – any amount won during this round gets added to your balance! If jam levels become equal or superior to those on one side of an open field beneath them (by squashing), then they’ll transform into their other state: normal position- before returning with no loss of counterclockwise motion capabilities like normal gameplay would have otherwise allowed for example. This means that there’s even greater potential here.

You can trigger multipliers ranging from 2x to 8x on standard spin wins with ‘avalanche’ reels. The main jackpot is 2000 times your bet, so it’s worth playing!

Play Fruit Case Slot at PartyCasino

Fruit Case is an innovative modern slot that has more in common with the worlds of video poker and fruit machines than it does traditional slots. The avalanche reels are just one example – there are also bonus features galore!

Spin the reels of this slot machine for a chance at big rewards. The RTP is high, there are plenty of bonus opportunities and it will be worth your time if you’re looking to get rich quickly!