List of the most addictive casino movies

In the following films, you will find a wide range of themes related to casino games. From poker and blackjack, allthe way up through roulette or baccarat- these movies have something for everyone!

Our top 5 best movies based on casino games

We rank the five best films in history, based on casino games! Below you will find our ranking of those famous movies and when they took place.


Our top 5 best movies based on casino games

Casino is the story of a group that owns and operates Las Vegas casinos. The film follows Joe Pesci’s character, which has an agreement with an organized crime until they try to kill him for no reason at all! Robert De Niro plays his sonny in law (they’re not related) that helps run things when he goes on vacation; it also features Sharon Stone as one tough cookie capable enough to save both their lives during this high-stakes game.

Casino royale

James Bond has always been one of the most iconic heroes in literature and film. He’s faced death many times, but there is no worse fate than losing to someone you compete against at poker- which seems like his specialty anyway! In Ian Fleming’s original novelization of Casino Royale (which takes place before any other book), we learn that Mr. Secret Agent often plays this game when he needs money or just wants some time away from work. The scene where both players get together to face down their private cards was particularly exciting because watching them struggle during peaceful negotiations showed how skilled each man truly seemed.


Robert Redford and Paul Newman star as two crooks in the movie “The Sting.” They are targeting a renowned gangster who loves betting, but their plan goes wrong when he becomes obsessed with one of them instead! The film has many twists and turns to keep you on your toes; there’s no way this isn’t going be dramatic (and unexpected) enough for any good thriller.


The film 21 is a modern classic of the casino movies and takes place during an important time before online games. It’s about a math teacher, played by Kevin Spacey who trains talented students to count cards in the main casinos on the Vegas strip; the sequel follows betrayal among deception as well as hedonism fueled with powerful adrenaline that would not credible if it hadn’t happened.


Matt Damon is a talented poker player who excels at the game of high-stakes, big-money gambling. He used his winnings from this past decade’s worth of tournament runs to pay for college and now he must face off against Edward Norton’s character in an epic final confrontation that will determine whose life has meaning.